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In the Autumn of 1940, Germany lands on British beaches. A young farmer along with his resistance unit abandon their families to fight a guerrilla war.

During the darkest days after Dunkirk, Churchill ordered the creation of a secret resistance movement, named the Auxiliary Units. These factual units function were to carry out guerrilla warfare against invading forces.

British civilians were trained to spy, sabotage and kill. Hide-outs were established, caches of arms and explosives were hidden; and the resistance network was formed.


Although they never went into action, the resistance was ready and waiting: the last line of Britain’s defence. So successful & secret that you've probably never heard of them.

The story we want to tell is a narrative piece following one small unit and what would have happened during an invasion. 
We want to immerse you into a world where you'd have to abandon your family when they needed you the most and fight a war where you 
grew up.


Realism is important to us and we're dedicated with telling this story as accurately as possible. From the realities of war to the uniforms and military tactics (no waves of trained soldiers just charging into machine gun fire.) 

This is not a propaganda war story. This is a story of a group of men with a job to do and their sacrifice doing it.

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