Videographer, Director & Creative

Adam Webb

I’m a Yorkshire based videographer who specialises in social first video production in Leeds and beyond. Having planned, shot & edited videos that have reached & engaged millions. I've developed a process that makes my videos not only connect with target audiences but also drives revenue for businesses.


Videography is something I've always loved doing. From playing with my dad's old cameras in the back garden to working alongside multi -million dollar music festivals I've always been passionate about what I do.

The real shift in my work happened when I began to learn that video was far more than a collection of pretty shots but a tool and business asset to connect with an audience and deliver a message.

Over the past 10 years I've been fortunate to work with many brands, bands & businesses to help them connect with their audience through visuals, drive revenue and ultimately thrive in their field.

How to hire me

You can get in touch directly at adam@webbshoots.com to talk about a project or you can schedule a call directly with me below.