Sony HLG to Rec709 LUT


HLG3 & HLG2 creative correction LUT

With the Sony A73 only being 8 bit, SLOG just falls apart when you try grade. So I started using the HLG profiles instead and created a stylised LUT that brings my footage into the Rec709 colour space.

I use this as a base grade on 95% of my projects. So I thought I'd put it up for sale to help others grade faster & easier!

  • HLG to Rec709 LUT

  • Created using Sony A7III HLG3 8bit footage

  • Quick grades while using the Hybrid Log Gamma Profiles on the A7III

  • Works on both HLG2 & HLG3 Picture Profiles

  • Choose the LUT then Correct Exposure & Colour Balance under the LUT

  • Use with all video editing software that supports .cube files

  • After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Davinici Resolve.

"LOVE this lut! Been searching for one I can use as a quick fix for ages!!"



"So many SLOG luts out there but not many HLG ones. Glad I found this one, the colours are great if you like a saturated look"



"Don't usually like creative Luts but this is subtle enough to work with and I can tweak it to my liking"



How to use the HLG LUT

Premiere Pro

  1. Add Lumetri to a clip.

  2. Go to the Creative tab in Lumetri and load up the LUT there.

  3. Underneath in the Basic Corrections section adust the exposure, temperature & colour to your liking.

  4. Done! Onto the next clip.

Davinci Resolve

  1. Create 3 nodes, add the LUT on the last node.

  2. On the first node, adjust the exposure of your clip to your liking.

  3. Now on the middle node adjust your temperature and colour.

  4. Boom! Simple grading. Onto the next shot!

My Sony A7III HLG3 Picture Profile Settings
Black Level +5
Gamma HLG3
Knee Auto Maxpoint 100% Sensitivity Mid
Color Mode BT.2020
Saturation -1
Detail -2