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5 Live Music Concert
Photo Presets


Creative Lightroom Presets
for Music Photographers

Starting out in music photography, I always struggled knowing how to edit images. I'd pull sliders back and forth and get nowhere. After years of testing and finding what I like, I created 5 concert photography presets that I use as a base on 99% of my work. This speeds up my workflow and lets me explore without starting from scratch every time.

I've made the preset pack available to you, so you can now speed up your workflow and find your own style by using mine as a base.

This pack contains FIVE Lightroom Presets
Basic, Contrast, B&W, Filmy, Washed

NOTE* Presets are not the be all and end all of editing photos. They will not magically make your images perfect. Every single image is slightly different in framing, color, and lighting. These presets like any presets will require adjustments. 

Music Photography Lightroom Presets

Check out these before and afters using my concert photo presets.

Screenshot 2021-11-26 at 12.20.23.jpg
Screenshot 2021-11-26 at 12.20.12.jpg

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Liven up your
live music photography!

 Buy the preset pack today to enhance your work and portfolio. $15. Straight to your inbox!

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