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Freelance Videographer Leeds helping you look good online

I help brands and businesses create impactful videos that drive action online.

Videographer Leeds
for video marketing needs

🫡 Veteran Videographer with 10 years experience
🎬 Helping you plan, film and edit with no-hassle
🤝 High-quality videos without the expensive agencies


What type of video are you looking for?

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"Adam really connected with our client brief. He cut the video beautifully, finding the right balance of humour and seriousness to create an uplifting yet moving piece. Our NHS client is super happy with the end product."

Simon Thomas
Optimus Learning

Wondering what a Videographer in Leeds might cost?

Download my videography rate card to get an idea of how much projects usually cost.



I dived head-first into freelance videography at 19. Entirely self-taught, I picked up a camera and went for it.

Now nearly 10 years on, I’ve created over 1000 videos! Filmed in over 20 countries and amassed 100 million combined views on projects 🤯



I help with one-off shoots in a freelance or camera operator capacity

I work with businesses to create video marketing content that attracts eyeballs

Leeds Video

I create monthly content for brands so they can stay relevant and grow consistently

Monthly Content

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