Adam Webb

Videographer, Producer & Creative




Leeds, West Yorkshire

A Bit About Me

I've had a funny old career up until this point. I started out touring internationally with bands, creating documentary content for them on the road. Then that developed into shooting and directing music videos, working with music festivals, advertising tours and then boom! covid hit.


It cut my touring career short. It sucked, but I didn't sulk too much. As I saw all of these local businesses around me stuck; disconnected from their audience. Luckily I'd spent 7 years before that building fan bases and engaging them online. Then like that, a light went off in my head!

I began helping business's produce video marketing content that engaged, educated and promoted what they did. And now after 2 years the results keep getting better. I've been fortunate to work with a heap of good clients and I'm excited to meet and help more businesses in 2022. I'm here to help produce content of the highest quality to any budget. I can pull together larger productions or assist as a one man band like the good old days. 

If you want to have a chat or talk to me about a project you've got in the works. Pick a time that works for you and book a call with me. 

If you're interested in seeing some of my music & touring work you can see it here,

How I help you resonate




I start out by asking a ton of questions. I mean a lot. I flesh out the goals for the project, learn about your business, target audience, competitors and your wants, needs, desires & vision for the project.

From my research I create and define a video script that we work together to dial into the perfect video. Once singed off, we  pull everything together for the project and begin with the video production. Capturing and creating everything we need.

I assist in the post production and pull together the final video that was defined in the script. From here I can help you implement it across your social presence and online. Through video SEO, paid advertisement & organic reach.

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