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Music Video Production Leeds

Helping artists, labels and bands reach a larger audience with music video production in Leeds.


Explore my music video production portfolio

Music Video Production 
Adam Webb

Over the past 10 years, I've toured the world with bands and shot nearly 100 music videos. Helping artists reach a larger audience and create a visual identity that furthers their careers.


Why pick me for your next Music Video Production?

Music videos are the core asset artists have to promote their music. I've always had a passion for creating them. I thrive on helping artists further their vision through visuals and push their careers forward.

Unlike other videographers or production companies. I help you understand and find the right ideas and direction that suit you as an artist. So your visuals can match the passion behind your music.

Watch this Album Documentary I shot and directed

I spent 2 weeks in Belgium at the studio with the band Trash Boat. This documentary dives into their creative process, personalities and overall exploration of their third album.

How much does music video production cost?

The classic answer of... it depends. The scope, scale and idea are all factors in this.

For a simple one-day shoot performance music video, my prices start at £1000 (including the editing)

But for an epic multi-day cinematic narrative with extra crew and multiple locations. You could be looking at anywhere from £2500 - £10,000. 

It all depends on the quality and level you want to achieve. Try to be realistic about what you can accomplish within your budget. For help with that, don't hesitate to reach out.

Want to chat about Music videos?

Have a single in the works or want an idea of costs? Say hello and lets chat 👇

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