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Video Editing Contract Template

Having a single document that I send to every client at the start of a project works wonders for my workflow. It covers all bases, defines payment, deliverables & the terms of the project. Most importantly it puts you and your client on the same page so there is no miscommunication about a project.

nvoice & Agreement THUMB2.jpg
  • This is a single document that combines an Invoice & Project Agreement into one simple document.

  • Also included is a Draft Email that you can use as a template to send to your client when sending this Invoice & Agreement.

  • This template is for video editing but can easily be adapted to suit any creative profession.

Disclaimer* Laws are different in each country, state, county & city. This template is intended to be a guideline rather than a comprehensive contract. Adam Webb is not responsible for any lawsuits, damages, or disputes that may arise from using this Invoice & Agreement template.

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