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Master Squad


Become a pro videographer! Watch classes, get tactics & free resources.

  • Learn technical and marketing skills to further your video career

  • Get blueprint scripts for winning marketing videos

  • 1 on 1  Zoom calls to network, chat and consult.

  • Free resources, preset packs and LUTs.

  • Digital Meet-Ups on Zoom.

  • Become part of a collective of professional video producers.

The Master Squad was created to help videographers create the perfect portfolio. So they can generate more work and attract more clients.

The showreel above is Adam's 2023 reel, which shows a wide array of portfolio examples quickly and effectively.

We help and advise you to create a similar reel, catered to the audience and clients you want to attract.

So you can further your career and win the jobs you want!

The best picture profile I've

Good work isn't good enough.

Let's face it, everyone is busy. If you want to win clients and make good videos. You need to show what you can produce quickly.

When you join, you'll learn how to make the perfect portfolio piece that will attract the clients you want.

michael-soledad-yixbLON7paQ-unsplash (1).jpg

Want to win more jobs 
and become a pro videographer?

 And for a limited time, there is a free 30 min coaching call if you choose, when you sign up. 

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